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Personalize Your Projects
with Custom Status

Add as many statuses and phases to your tasks for better organization.

Additions / Creations

Keep Your Recruitment Processes Simple

Make your onboarding and other HR processes simple. Add job creation, shortlisting interviews, and other process-relevant statuses to keep the right track of it. All the managers can view the progress and predict the hiring of a resource.


Easy Way To Manage Your Real Estate Agents

Ensure that your agents are progressing through the process smoothly by assigning custom status to the assigned tasks. Members can change the status as they move to the further steps of selling and purchasing.


Monitor The Progress Of Students

Need to track the assignments of students? Well, custom status can help you know how they are doing on their tasks. Students can update their progress to showcase their performance to the relevant professors.

Goals And Tasks

Project Management

Each project has different criteria, and to accomplish each of them, you must set separate goals for it. Depending on the project or goal requirement, you can set it public or private, giving access to relevant stakeholders, but only make it smooth with the Best project management platform.

You can create separate goals and channels for different departments, i.e., Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations. Also, each member with access to the particular goals can check their task list, track assigned tasks, follow the deadline, and work according to the set priority of the task.

Public / Private Channels

Elevate Focus Through Channel Based Team Communication

Never Miss Details Of Anything Small Or Big

Add custom statuses and phases to your tasks to match your workflow


Keep Your Communication Simple