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Never Lose Track of Your Time

The time log makes it convenient for you to keep a close eye on the schedules.

Know The Progress Of Your Hours And The Team’s Hours

Making Time Tracking Transparent And More Visible To Each Member

Simplify project deliverables and avoid any delays through the accurate and up-to-date time log with your best project management platform. Assign the tasks to the users, define the accurate timeline and then track the progress accordingly.

Keep Your Time Tracking Manually

Control Your Time As You Keep Track Of Your Work

Your time is now in your control. Just manage it through the right estimates using the simplest work from home platform. Set the hours you have worked as a user through manual addition. Set the time and date of exact working hours and days.

Make Your Hours As Billable

Make Only Billable Hours To The Count

Make it easy for the teams both in the office and remote to calculate their productive hours by having an option of billable. Users using it as a Remote work platform or office platform, must only add the hours they worked to show the billable hours. It also enables you to charge only a fair price to your clients and avoid over or undercharging.

For example, if a freelancer is working on one of the client’s projects, client communication and meetings with them, time for lunch between work, and all the revisions and edits will not count as billable hours. Billable hours tells the number of hours a freelancer worked during the project.

Set The Time Estimate Suitable To Your Needs

Get A Better Estimate Of Your Projects

Always have the time set according to your project needs. Track time and analyze projects to only charge a fair price to your clients. Your time estimate is now in your hands. Set up the working hours and add your productive time as an estimate to track any project’s progress and timelines.

A web developer can use the time estimate feature wisely, especially if they want to avoid management self-sabotage. So, if they know the overall project timeline, they always set their best productive hours for work.