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Get the Most Out of Your Projects by Structuring
your Workflows with TeamingWay

Make your tasks more manageable and accessible for the teams.


Manage Your Workflows

Uncertain of the workflows? Workflows are a crucial component of every project. The end result of an unclear workflow could be greater losses and the ultimate destruction of a project. You can solve this issue by using TeamingWay’s goal and task management system. Workflow can be organized, bottlenecks can be fixed, and tasks can easily get to their closing points. For greater clarity, make sure that each workflow is correctly identified, assigned, and elaborated. Keep conversations active to assist teams with queries. With TeamingWay, you can now manage the entire workflow to develop a seamless work system.

Custom Task Status

Customize Your Tasks

Is it always half-done work, or do you have problems with the final finishing? Keep your team aligned from conception to completion. TeamingWay enables you to customize the tasks according to the requirements, whether you are single-handedly managing the project or working with a team. No more paperwork to write task divisions. You can now custom select the task and assign and track each progress through the status.


Track Team Progress

Do you often lose track of time and progress? Being oblivious to your project timeline is the deadliest thing to do to yourself. TeamingWay acts like a central hub for you to keep track of each project. No more losing details in the email thread, one glance, and you can get the progress of an ongoing and finished project. Managers can locate the bottlenecks and ensure the deadlines are kept with the efficient progress on the tasks too.

Set A Calendar

Never Miss a Deadline for the Task

Is it hard to follow the deadline when they are not clearly mentioned? TeamingWay gives managers different ways to keep the deadlines clear, so it is easy for the team to follow. Your calendar keeps you updated with any upcoming deadlines. Simply keep the productivity high and deadlines solid for ultimate customer satisfaction and more room to get work done with efficiency. It can always send a notification for upcoming events, deadlines, and scheduled meetings. Team members get alerts, so they do not miss any major or minor event happening for the sake of the project.

Recurring task

Reduce the Frustration of Repetition with Templates

Is it always hectic to create reports or tasks again and again? It doesn’t only take a lot of time but keeps your plate always full. To lighten up the work burden, TeamingWay offers you a feature of custom templates. Create your own templates for similar tasks and utilize them at your convenience and need. Just make it simple for you and your team members to get through the tasks. No more need to start from scratch. All team members can access the template for use anytime.