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TeamingWay + Digitrends

Team: 70+ Workspaces: 5 Projects: 50+

DigitalTrends is a full stack digital product development company specialise in healthcare, pharma, ecommerce and fintech sector that helps established corporates and enterprises in digital transformation and help entrepreneurs and startups to build, brand, market and strategize their unique perspectives and bring their ideas into reality.

TeamingWay + Digitrends

The TeamingWay team spoke with Samad Saleem, CEO and Founder of DigiTrends to learn more about his business and discuss how TeamingWay can help his team be more productive.

  1. What niche has been filled by your company and how does DigiTrends add value to its employees?

    Samad: DigiTrends is a full stack digital product development company mainly focused on large enterprises and corporate building their digital products and helping them in digital transformation, Our clientele ranging from Abott, Nestle, Novartis, etc. Building and retaining great teams has always been core to our mission. Human-centered design is not only how we build great digital products, but how we’ve built our business.

  2. What is your role at DigiTrends and how do you primarily use TeamingWay?

    Samad: My primarily role to look at day to day task and most importantly client services and how our clients are satisfied with our services and products development process. Most of our day is spent in serving our clients who’ve signed up for digital production development services. So our remote and onsite teams use TeamingWay to manage and track marketing activities both internally as well as with our clients. These activities could include product design UI/UX, development and planning, project management, client management, etc.

  3. What does your day-to-day look like? And how does TeamngWay help you in your daily activities?

    Samad: DigiTrends has over 20 client projects at any one time, with 100 staff working on various aspects of each product development depending on their requirements.

    Some parts of the development are repeatable, some are more unique. We need a system that allows us to keep track of what we have done (in detail), but also what we need to do and who is on top it.

    TeamingWay helps us keep a very clear record of exactly what is happening in a campaign, but most importantly, it helps us to work collaboratively.

    Working on projects together, allocating tasks to appropriate people, time tracking – TeamingWay is the second system aftar Asana we have used that seems to do all of this really well.

  4. What system was in place before coming to TeamingWay, and what was taking the most time away from your productivity?

    Samad: Honestly, we’ve tried a few systems over the years- some successful, some not.

    We’ve tried Basecamp, Asana, plus a few lesser known systems, and even considered building our own system.

    There was nothing wrong across the board with the previous systems. They all just had their own limitations which made it difficult for us to get full buy-in from everyone. We need a system that not only works well, but also makes everyone’s job easier, and not harder.

    A system that does a majority of what we need as digital product development company, and is also fast, simple to use, are the most important deciding factors to us.

    • Visually show task status (Kanban)
    • Create subtasks and co-assign them
    • Google Suite integration
    • @ mentions within a task
    • Task start and end dates
    • File storage within the platform
    • Email notifications
    • Client integration
    • Easy search of all projects and communication
    • Task search by client, assignee, and date
    • Workload capacity data
    • Gantt chart capabilities
    • Time tracking integration
    • Multiple assignees per task
    • Recurring tasks
  5. How was the process of onboarding your team into TeamingWay?

    Samad: The process was pretty straight forward. Our senior project manager was leading the migration with TeamingWay Team. I had a one on one demo with TeamingWay to answer any immediate questions that I knew my team would have. After that, I dove right in with a sample project and starting customizing with my project management team. After we got the kinks worked out we had a company wide demo with TeamingWay and we took it from there. TeamingWay is very user friendly and pretty intuitive.