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Make Your Tax Management Stress-free
with TeamingWay

Teamingway makes it easy for Accountants to reach the full potential of
their services.

Set The Goals For Each Client As Per The Need Of The Project

Assume you assign a goal to each client; you can categorize them as my corporate clients, US clients, or Canadian clients, and then assign the goals to the respective client so you as a project manager and he both can understand what’s going on and how the project is progressing.

Let Go Of Timesheets And Track KPIs Through TeamingWay

Simple tracking features make it easy for managers to track the performance of accountants. The dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view to keep an eye on the performance of each employee

Integration To The Third-Party

TeamingWay is everything you need to streamline your accounting department or projects. Yet, you may need some third-party applications for simplifying the communication among the teams and clients or to share the files or send emails relevant to their project or requirements.

Manage Your Yearly Tax Reports Using Recurring Task

You must have the tax filing for yearly, or maybe a simple financial report that you need to share yearly, monthly or weekly. Recurring tasks enables you to automate them with a few changes only in an existing template.

Save Your Tasks As
A Template

You can specify if you need to file a corporation tax return; it is a job with an unlimited number of subtasks. For instance, you’ll require bank statements, which you’ll reconcile and compile a financial statement before filing. By doing so, you can construct a template that you can adapt for each new client by making modest modifications.