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The Leadership Team

TeamingWay’s leadership team believes in the power of goal setting and is committed towards building products and solutions to empower people, businesses and communities to do their most impactful work and achieve goals together.


Mohsin Shafique

Co - Founder

Mohsin is the Co-founder of TeamingWay and currently heading sales for a cyber security division of Broadcom Inc., located in the Middle East.

After recognizing his true passion for entrepreneurship, Mohsin kickstarted his career by pioneering a social networking productivity platform titled Linkagoal. He also owns a patent of “Method and system for a global goal based social networking”.

Without resting on his laurels, Mohsin continued to demonstrate his spirit of invention – which eventually culminated in the formation of TeamingWay; a One-stop software-based solution for business collaboration.

With over 20 years of diversified experience in business management across global markets revolutionizing the startup culture, Mohsin is a strong believer in team empowerment and working towards every goal, together as a team. He remains solely focused towards creating new and unique possibilities of continuous and constant progress.

Mohsin holds a master’s degree in Computer Science and currently lives in Dubai, UAE.

Nasir Jamal

Co - Founder

Nasir Jamal, an Executive Director with a major global financial institution, has held a progressive career in the Middle East, Europe and North America.

A visionary who provides oversight to execute strategies for business growth and development, Nasir is well versed in managing risk while maintaining strong stakeholder and partner relationships to deliver on strategic priorities and objectives.

In 2011, Nasir successfully co-founded Linkagoal, a first of its kind, goal based, social productivity platform. TeamingWay is an evolution of Linkagoal – created to help business teams and institutions around the world become more innovative, efficient and successful.

As an enterprising co-founder within the technology sector, Nasir is an active member of the community and has continuously promoted an inclusive and diverse culture, while simultaneously mentoring both individuals and teams from incubation to deployment stages. He is passionate about cricket, and sees sports as an important way of team building and leadership development.

Nasir holds a Master of Science in Financial Management from UK as well as an MBA.