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Keep your Goals Trackable, Plain and
Simple with TeamingWay

Organize the processes of each department and improve the way
you manage your projects and clients.

Create goals, track deadlines, set priority tasks

Set The Goals And Categorize Each As Private Or Public

Each project has different criteria, and to accomplish each of them, you must set separate goals for it. Depending on the project or goal requirement, you can set it public or private, giving access to relevant stakeholders.

You can create separate goals and channels for different departments, i.e., Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations. Also, each member with access to the particular goals can check their task list, track assigned tasks, follow the deadline, and work according to the set priority of the task.

Create, recur the task, repeat for improved workflow

Save Time By Using Recurring Task

Be it a weekly meeting, reports, or monthly scheduled reports and meetings, you have recurring tasks feature to schedule them on time and get saved from any errors.

You can set the frequency of the tasks, subtasks and create custom columns in your projects, including text field, date time, multi-select with custom colors, and check box. Besides, set out the name and description and manage subtasks to create the right flow of work.

Access tasks, manage meetings and create notes

Manage All The Tasks, Meetings And Notes At One Place

Organize your tasks in a more productive and efficient way by using the dashboard of your favorite task submission platform – TeamingWay. You can have complete access to the tasks created by you or other team members. Receive alerts and notifications about the meetings too, just right on your screen.

Additionally, if you have to pass some short note information to another team member, you can create a short note for a particular project and keep track of all notes as well.

Timelog, Billable Hours and Time Estimate

Time Tracking

Improve project deliverables and avoid any delays by setting the estimated time for each task. Allow users to record how long they worked on a task and track overall progress of the project. Generate detailed timesheets by project or by a staff member.

Billable hours feature makes it easy to calculate working cost for each project.

Better control, more visibility, improved task management

Collaborate Efficiently Through Gmail Integration

Integrate Gmail with your daily collaborative goals, automate the task creation and assign the tasks accordingly. The TeamingWay Gmail integration feature gives you an advanced way to organize your workflow.

After integration, TeamingWay also automates the customer feedback and complaints by generating a task in the respective goal. It also works like CRM software to save your time and effort.