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Benefits of TeamingWay for Businesses – A Comprehensive Project Management Tool

Where do we start?

There is a whole list of benefits of any typical project management tool. So, if we talk about Teamingway, the way it defies all the traditional rules of communication and collaboration is just like blowing your mind. 

Seems like an exaggeration. 😮‍💨 Well, it is not! 

We are often too invested in old ideas that accepting anything new looks like betrayal. Teamingway may give the same feeling in the beginning. There is a comfort level for other apps, but why use too many when you can get organized with one? 

Communication is the main ingredient of any business’s success, and Teamingway is just a passage to success. TeamingWay connects employees from around the globe in a virtual workspace and provides them with every communication and collaboration tool as well as benefits for goal and task management in a single, user-friendly solution.

Reasons you need teamingway as team and project management solution

There are never-ending reasons, but some of them outstand and can be very helpful too. Here’s how TeamingWay is making it easier than ever. 

  • Advanced Communication

Teams can schedule video conference meetings, allowing them to use the audio or video call option. Teams can also do a screen-share during the call to show everyone what they have been working on or to highlight an important fact.

  • One Platform to Manage your Business

TeamingWay has everything built in that you need to manage your teams effectively. You have the option to host a video call, have public and private channels for people to talk, send documents, set goals and tasks, etc.

  • Easy-to-Use

TeamingWay is very straightforward and easy to use! With one click, you are able to do everything you need with no complications. We have made it very user-friendly for everyone to enjoy.

  • Mobile and Desktop Friendly

We want our users to be able to access TeamingWay anywhere at any time, which is why we have made it work seamlessly across all systems, such as IOS and Android.

  • Improved Remote Work

Your complete team may now follow project progress, check due dates, join up for new projects, and work from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection now that all (or the bulk of) your data is available in the Teamingway. By just paying a monthly charge, you can utilise an app to access Teamingway anytime and from wherever you choose.

  • Time Management

Managers must exercise extreme caution when setting the schedule for tasks within a project. The success of a project in meeting its deadline significantly impacts the development of a firm. Quantitative information about the number of hours each team member spent working on various tasks is crucial for managers. Managers can use this information to prioritize work and establish deadlines.

  • Central Place For All the Files

When asked to retrieve a file that was shared a long time ago, teams that use various mediums for file sharing frequently find themselves in a difficult situation. When a manager is unable to obtain previous project files that are required to generate specific reports, it can also become frustrating. However, with the teamingway, you can always have an archive or folders or save these files for as long as you need.

  • Establish clear goals

Setting goals gives you a clear path to your destination and helps locate the progress. You can increase productivity if you are clear about your goals. Either that or carry out tasks automatically with proper purpose. Goals are high-level projects that you can divide into Targets, which are more manageable as smaller tasks and milestones.

  • Delegate Tasks More Easily

Giving each employee a specific duty takes a lot of time and is challenging for managers. The work can be included in the project timeline and allocated to each team member along with instructions rather than having to brief each person individually. This makes things simpler for everyone on the team and the managers. It saves time and is efficient.

  • Easy integration of Gmail

Emails can be quite daunting to organize, especially for tasks. Teamingway allows you to integrate Gmail and further automates the tasks to ease your way of tackling them. It doesn’t only save time but also helps you manage things in a better way. 

Bottom line

All in all, Teamingway gives you feathers 🦚. Now, you can manage communication brilliantly. Be it a short meeting or a quick discussion, saving notes, managing teams, or division of tasks, it is all possible on one platform with full security. So, get yourself the right tool to confidently achieve your business targets. Pave your way to confidence with Teamingway!