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5 Best Project Management Tools For Agencies In 2022

It may be astonishing, but numerous agencies still utilize spreadsheets to manage their projects, even with countless project management tools available in the market.

We are not against spreadsheets at all. After all, they have several useful and exciting purposes. But how fantastic it is to have marketing project management software designed for compulsion in your workflow? 

Project management software permit agencies to track tasks, allot resources, and deliver projects on the given deadline and within budget. 

The project management software’s usefulness includes making it effortless for squads within an agency to plan, converse, and team up on several projects to meet time limits. 

They also make it easier for stakeholders to participate in a project’s journey from beginning to end. Thus, agencies can work more cooperatively and efficiently, even when working distantly. 

This guide will inform you about the five best project management tools that can seamlessly meet the needs of agencies.  

5 Best Project Management Software For Agencies

Here are some of the best project management tools that you can use to boost productivity and improve your business’s workflow.

1.     Basecamp

Basecamp is perfect for agencies because it simplifies managing projects and teams simultaneously, integrating all your processes. Generally, agencies need to concentrate on finishing projects with due dates and contingent on the planning budget. 

This software lets crews track and manage both. Moreover, you can also organize tasks in to-do lists and allocate them to other team members. 

It is extremely customizable, letting you experiment with diverse hues, add comments and pictures, and choose from various templates without reading and learning how to navigate the website. They provide a personal account for 30 days to permit you to test the waters.


  • To-to lists
  • Group chat
  • Schedule with calendar
  • File and document sharing

2.     TeamingWay

TeamingWay is one of the most powerful and comprehensive workflow platforms for agencies and teams to unite, communicate, and manage collaboration. This tool for project management for marketers allows you to easily coordinate digitally to prioritize performance, reliability, and commitment. 

You can rely on it to get your ideas across to clients, shareholders, or team members involved in the project. Moreover, TeamingWay lets you tackle tasks, set deadlines, and allocate responsibilities from any corner of the world at any time. 

It offers an organized and smooth way to keep up with coworkers on project updates. You can also send files and documents in no minute.


  • File sharing
  • Time tracking
  • Gmail integration
  • Messaging
  • Calendar
  • Audio and video meetings

3.     Clickup

Clickup is another amazing tool for project management for agencies. It offers a personalized collaboration experience for agencies. 

It means that team participants can manage individual and mutual assignments in consonance with their preferences. You can also envision and manage tasks in five different views to organize them according to priority. 

It aids you in determining who is doing what and brings all your jobs, projects, and resources into one place. This software places special attention on features, processes, views, etc., to provide you with an excellent user experience. 

Besides, if you require assistance getting started, it offers several templates for many marketing workflows.


  • Recurring tasks
  • Time tracking
  • Mind maps
  • To-do lists
  • Automation
  • More than 50 native integrations

project management for marketers

4.      Hive

Hive is robust project management software that links all aspects of your work and assists teams in moving more quickly. It lets individuals, squads, and agencies collaborate internally and externally. 

With this tool’s external user function, agency clients can access certain portions of projects and the Hive dashboard to check campaign progress in real-time. 

Some of the world’s leading brands take advantage of it to run and execute perfect universal campaigns. This marketing project management tool provides a proofing feature, which allows people to attach a JPG, PDF, and numerous other files for proofing in-app. 


  • Flexible project layouts
  • Analytics
  • Forms and templates
  • Group messaging
  • File sharing
  • Proofing and approvals

5.     Teamwork

Teamwork is an outstanding project management tool for agencies of all sizes and shapes. It has everything you require to handle your clients, projects, and team in one place. 

It permits you to break projects into tasks and subtasks and add infinite client users. This is remarkable for agencies as it means you can offer your clients complete visibility over your projects. 

You can connect with your team and clients in real-time without switching platforms. With Teamwork, you can track tasks, set deadlines, share files, send messages, and get updates on project and deliverables’ status.


  • Customizable boards and templates
  • Enterprise security features (premium)
  • File sharing

Frequently Asked Questions

.      Why Should Agencies Use Project Management Software?

There are many reasons to use software for project management for marketers. We have listed a few reasons below:

  • Faster reporting
  • Easier delegation
  • Automated invoicing
  • Quicker collaboration
  • Time and team tracking
  • Swift file sharing
  • Correct project tracking
  • Smooth communication
  • Central data storage

.     What To Consider Before Investing In A Project Management Tool For Agencies?

You should take into account the following factors before investing in a project management tool. 

  • Is It Flexible?

How does the software integrate with other tools your agency utilizes? Do you want it to work with your marketing automation software, time-tracking tool, etc.?

  • What Features Are Important For You?

There are project management tools that have everything you need to use, and there are those that concentrate on doing only one thing incredibly well. You need to consider what your agency truly needs to make projects effortless to handle. 

  • What Is Your Objective In Using The Tool?

Do you aspire to simplify processes or increase effectiveness and productivity? Will it aid you in delivering a superior quality product? Consider the objectives and how you can track the profit of your investment. 


For diverse purposes and agency needs, you can spend money on a timely solution that suits your agency’s needs. You have to consider the tool’s scalability, user-friendliness, and price and then decide to put money into the best project management tool for your agency.  

So, simplify your team’s work and expand your business with a platform like Teamingway to create a brand-new success tale for the corporate world.