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Guide to Project Management Software for Creative Agencies

Do you run a creative agency and feel like you already have a lot on your plate then why add more to the tasks? Besides, many might also think that project management is like babysitting the team. Well, it is a creative team, and why do we need to manage everything for them? Just a little brief can do the magic. 

Yes, this is probably the easy and smooth way. However, by the end of the project or year, you need some numbers too. You need KPIs, tasks completed, deliverables, and a lot more, and if you are not tracking it in the beginning, you might find yourself lost at a huge expense. 

So, project management, especially through a creative project management tool, can be quite helpful in keeping track of everything.

Got questions? Let us help you with a project management guide. This article will help you understand how a project management tool makes it easy to manage both in-house and remote teams. 

Why is Project Management Significant for Creative Agencies?

Creative firms are alchemists who transform time, energy, and imagination into gold. They flourish in the ideal zone where control and creativity coexist. Because of this, project management software for creative agencies is no longer only about GANTT charts and time tracking. It involves:

  • Collaborating for more creative and innovative projects.
  • Releasing creative staff from time-consuming administrative activities that drain their energy.
  • Gaining knowledge that inspires innovation and boosts sales.
  • Increasing productivity in order to increase billable hours.
  • Offering clients better service, greater value, and quicker work.

Creative project management tool

Why is Project Management Different for Agencies?

Your capacity for project management will determine the success of a service-based business like a marketing agency. After all, your business won’t last very long if you aren’t successfully managing your team and delivering client work on schedule, on budget, and to a high standard.

Since marketing organizations may have anything from a few to hundreds of active clients at any given time, you have a specific set of needs for project management tools and software.

For instance, make sure to streamline regular deliverables for your clients utilizing a sustainable and scalable manner to avoid dropping any balls.

But what distinguishes project management in marketing firms?

.      Focus on People over Materials

First, marketing and advertising projects are more people-focused than other industries.

Everyone has some interaction with people. However, unlike industrial or construction operations, marketing and ad firms emphasize people more than tools and resources.

.      Unpredictable Timelines

The second issue with creative projects is uncertain timelines.

Compared to physical jobs, knowledge-based tasks are harder to complete on time.

The amount of time spent on a knowledge-based endeavor varies depending on who works on it. As a result, estimating how long a task will take might be difficult.

.      Lack of Technical PM Training

The uncertainties involved with knowledge projects don’t lend themselves well to rigid, technical project management techniques. This is why agency project managers rarely use technical jargon like Work Breakdown Structure, Critical Paths, PERT, etc.

Furthermore, market needs vary quickly, complicating most marketing, advertising, and creative endeavors. As a result, managing an agency requires constant vigilance and swift adjustment to changing circumstances. The project’s success is based on straightforward visual tools, evolving workflows, and reliable communication channels.

.      Collect Information Easily

Clients, other teams, strategists, and customer feedback can make design requests. Use PM software that automates the data collection and organization for you rather than doing it manually.

On Teamingway, for instance, you can separately create goals, assign tasks, fill out all important information, and share all the documents.

What does Your Creative Agency Need to Look for in the Best Management Tool?

Digital technologies are here to stay, so it’s time to embrace them. Choosing the best project management software for creative agencies might be challenging, but it gets simpler when you pay attention to the details.

The Project management tool for designers or other creatives you choose should have as many amazing traits as possible. Keep in mind, too, that the software you select ought to:

  • Setting specific goals for the various projects.
  • Priority status to effectively handle several projects.
  • To save time, use the recurring task option for tasks or reports.
  • Tracking of tasks and each person’s performance.
  • Be adaptable so you may increase the tool’s capability as the project develops.
  • Having an interface that is easy to use.
  • Have a simple onboarding process, especially if you intend to solicit direct customer feedback.

As you look forward to getting the best tool, Teamingway has covered all the significant features and the user-friendly interface. It doesn’t just stop here, as it is still updating its features and UI/UX design to ensure user-friendly design and features for all of its members.

Creative agency project management software

Bottom line 

Openness and transparency are crucial for creative teams when a project has several moving elements or juggles multiple responsibilities at once.

Creative project managers must plan each step of the project and keep the rest of the team informed if they want everyone to be their best. They must be open and honest about the project’s objectives, schedule, achievements, and KPIs.

Ultimately, the great news is that you can get all of it if you choose TeamingWay as your best creative agency project management software. So, are you ready? Hit us now to start your trial.