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Streamlining Educational
Processes with TeamingWay

Manage all the tasks and communication within one platform.

Set The Right Goals For All Team Members

Managing the teams around the university or even schools can be daunting for the presidents of the association and even senior professors. TeamingWay enables them to set the goals and assign tasks as per the requirements. Track the task, add members, and set the priority too all in TeamingWay.

Easy Onboarding Of The Teams

Everyone hates manual and daunting tasks. So, when they are provided with the opportunity or organize their workflow, communication, and manage files smoothly, they will always opt for it. TeamingWay is the same tool with all the features that enhance your overall efficiency and productivity in the education sector.

Stream Chat And Private Groups

Reaching out to the executives and sharing all the progress with them can take a lot of time if it is always done in person. Stream or private groups in the TeamingWay allow you the keep the executives or other team members in the loop without demanding their presence every minute, especially if it is only for a short time.

Improve Productivity With Communication Through Audio/Video Calls And File Sharing

Educators often have to switch through the apps to communicate, share courses, files, or even a simple notification. TeamingWay gives them a stress–free communication platform and they can forget any third-party apps. Audio/video calls give you more margin on holding a person-to-person communication. You can discuss the tasks through a shared screen while video/audio calling through TeamingWay. Make it a one-to-one conversation or a group call for detailed discussions.

Take Notes & Manage Event

Educational conferences, events, and keeping all the notes according to them can take a lot of manual effort. You can automate this process now only with the TeamingWay. Manage your events by planning, assigning tasks, scheduling and keeping a check on the progress of management too.

Organizing Educational Processes For The University Of Toronto

TeamingWay has a team that evaluates all the challenges and the ultimate goal is to ensure the perfect solution for you. Fortunately, we also have a thorough understanding of education sector challenges. Managing tasks, teams, and coordinating with all the teachers and students while trying to keep every stakeholder on the same page is quite tough. With TeamingWay, discussions are easy, goals make it smooth to track the tasks and performances and stream makes it easy to hold meetings when necessary. Easy collaboration, real-time notifications, and a lot more make it completely easy for the University of Toronto to streamline its education process.