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Teamingway – All in one tool for Freelancing Collaboration

64% of professionals at the top of their industry are increasingly choosing to work independently. Therefore, it would be safe to say that freelancers now share most of the business industry.

So, why are people switching from office jobs to freelancing?

The majority of individuals nowadays seek flexibility. Furthermore, working under others’ orders is not for everyone, particularly those who appreciate their independence.

There are several reasons for such a decision, including a desire to try something new or a wish to work for a different company. 

On the other hand, many people want to put themselves in unfamiliar situations to see how they perform. As a result, they’ve opted for freelancing and juggling to manage multiple projects at a time.

How much time do freelancers work per week?

How much time do freelancers work per week

What do these stats show us? Well, it displays that the time a freelancer spends on work per week is quite less than anyone working for a company as a full-time employee. 

But yes, it is also a fact that many people pursue freelancing as a part-time hustle, and for financial security, they prefer a full-time job. 

While all these facts of freelancers juggling with sustainability, one may also ask how they manage their work? 

Or how do freelancers organize their projects and keep track of time and performance? And how do they even manage to memorize all the information from different clients? 

Also, how does the freelancer manage to communicate with the team?

Going back and forth to the inbox can be quite tiring. This is why there are collaboration tools for business, even if it is freelancing. 

Is task management software important?

According to the Project Management Institute’s Pulse of the Profession,

Poor project performance in the United States resulted in a waste of $102 million for every $1 billion invested. 

So, if the poor project or task management is failing businesses, imagine how damaging it can be for the freelancing industry? 

So, yes, numbers don’t lie. Indeed, poor time and project management is a costly mistake that can have a detrimental impact on your business and work-life balance.

Therefore, having a task management tool such as TeamingWay can save a freelancer from a lot of trouble. 

How is TeamingWay the ideal choice for freelancers?

TeamingWay can help you keep track of everything you need to manage your freelance business. Knowing your business inside and out allows you to operate it more efficiently, allowing you to devote more time to offer; the best of your work—whether for a client or your team.

How is TeamingWay the ideal choice for freelancers

Project Management  – Track your goals and tasks

Always on the go? But with TeamingWay you can still keep track of your goals and tasks. Create the goals, add people to the team, assign tasks, set the status of the tasks, and there you go. 

Now, even if you have to get away for a while, you can still check out the progress of the goals and tasks anytime from anywhere. 

Each goal can have its separate information, and you can always add new updates if needed. Accessibility is also defined and easy. Only members of the goal will be able to follow the goal/project. 


There is no one type of client with whom you will work; there are many various types of people out there. While some may be laid-back, others will badger you for progress and status reports or updates regularly. 

This ongoing communication, which includes phone conversations, emails, manual reports, and more, can take up more time than one might think.

In a matter of seconds, TeamingWay allows you to generate reports. You can also use the templates to create weekly, monthly, or annual reports if necessary.

Video or Audio calls

There are plenty of best communication tools for teams, but having all of them in one place keeps it sorted. Whether you need to conduct to one-to-one meeting or are looking for quick audio calls, TeamingWay offers you both. 

Work with a client or manage your team by gathering them at a time; you can always stay ahead of your time and deliver your tasks on time. 

The more your clients or team is involved, the better they can provide the output. So, by using video or audio calls, you can keep communication straight and simple.

Email Integration

Gmail and Outlook are major email platforms. As a freelancer, you need them now and then. With the email integration in TeamingWay, you can save a lot of time extracting tasks and then creating them to start working. 

It can not only help you manage your present workload, but it can also help you plan for future tasks, improve communication with clients or other freelancers you’re working with, and save time spent going back and forth in your email.

Live Messaging and File Sharing

Some of the jobs that freelancers do are more difficult than others. The more difficult tasks will almost always require you to collaborate with other freelancers who have been contracted to help with the project. 

The client may additionally require you to have real-time visibility into the project’s progress.

All types of collaboration are supported by TeamingWay. You can add more individuals to your objective so that you can all work together better and finish the tasks on time.

It also allows you to share files. This means that any project-related documentation can be stored in the cloud, where anyone can contribute.

Bottom line 

There are numerous task management and team collaboration tools available; the secret is to select the one that best meets your needs.

In this regard, TeamingWay is a godsend for freelancers who are juggling with many tasks. Improved team communication will put you on the path to success in the long run.

So, start putting together your investment strategy immediately. And see how TeamingWay may be your best freelancing partner.