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Re-assign similar work to students using TeamingWay Templates

Plenty to count on the plate of a teacher? Planning, creating tasks, assigning, attending meetings, and a lot can be quite stressful. There is no doubt that often we have similar tasks to perform, especially when it comes to assigning the tasks.

Don’t start something new by reinventing the wheel every time. Instead, as a starting point for new work, utilize templates—standardized files with text and formatting. 

Simply add, remove, or edit any information for that specific document after you’ve saved a separate version of the template, and you’ll have the new work accomplished in a fraction of the time.

You must be thinking about the various apps like google sheets, google assignments, or even the Project management tool for teachers that allow you to create amazing templates. 

Microsoft documents also provide plenty of templates, and we all can vouch that we have created amazing presentations while using those templates.

So, why not start using them as a teacher as well? 

Why, as a teacher, you must use templates?

A simple answer is that they are customized and editable. If you want to save time, templates are the way to go. It’s far faster to edit a template than format something from scratch. It’s the difference between copying and pasting text and typing it all over again.

Not only that but having a template means you’re less likely to forget important details.

For example, if you have a similar project assignment for multiple groups every time to time, you can always reuse the templates with little modification or even no changes. It makes it easy to re-assign similar projects to different classes or groups at different time intervals.

Consistency is also another significant advantage of using templates. Perhaps you email students or other teachers for project updates on a regular basis.

While you use the template, you are always assured that the formatting, even the style of the template, will remain consistent.

How are templates useful for the teachers?

Sometimes the most difficult element of a task is just getting started. What do you do first? How do you organize all of your thoughts so that others may comprehend them?

Templates can assist you with this.

Teachers can use templates to help them create amazing lessons or activities. They’re especially useful with students, as they can help them organize their thoughts and ideas.

So, what are some of the ways you can use templates with your students?

TeamingWay is offering you a whole package…

How to create templates in Teamingway?

TeamingWay has been a great tool for both teachers and students. It allows a great deal to both to organize their tasks and manage classroom activities and tasks without a hassle.

A little addition to saving more time, you will find the Teamingway ‘create a template feature’ quite useful. 

We believe that you are already familiar with the process of creating the goal. As a teacher, it can be goals for a class assignment.

This is where you can add a new template to the goal that you are going to use again and again. 

How to create the Teamingway education template workflow? Follow the steps below:

Settings+Templates+ workflow+Add a new template

Add a new template

As you add the template to the goal, you can add all the details starting from the name of the assignment to the description. 

Describe the purpose of the template. Add discussions, to-do lists, and files after that. You may also add team members, who will be allocated to every project you create using this template automatically.

Adding deadlines to the mix will help to streamline the process even more.

In the future, if needed, you can alter the details as you need and use the Teamingway custom template for another assignment or project. 

When you add the template, it will give you options from the existing templates. Choose the one you need, and you can RE-ASSIGN the similar work to your students. 

TeamingWay custom template

What kind of templates can you create with TeamingWay?

You can create all kinds of templates using the simple project management tool for students and teachers named TeamingWay. You can have a lot of activities going on.

It can be simply about the tasks and class assignments or as huge as the event due that happens almost every year. 

What can you create?

  • Document templates
  • Sheets templates
  • Email Templates
  • Project templates
  • Presentation templates
  • Surveys templates

All of the above-mentioned types of templates are easy to create and manage through the amazing collaboration tool – Teamingway.

So, get your way with it, and you can always have some spare time to focus on other important classroom activities too. 

Benefits of using existing templates with TeamingWay for students and teachers

Automation is the new true king of the digital world. Even if you are stubborn to change the way you work, it is inevitable. As a result, you will be denied the perfect path of achievement in this new world of automation. As for the teachers and students, time is precious, and reworking all the legwork will always defeat you. 

Benefits of using the existing templates can be quite beneficial in many ways:

  • Templates provide consistency and increase flexibility. Templates promote flexibility, are easy to update, and provide consistency throughout the project.

They can be improved on a regular basis to meet technological and instructional objectives, as well as customer needs. These are straightforward to maintain and update.

  • The importance of standardization in any course cannot be overstated. Students will find it easier to navigate and use the course as a result of this. Standards include things like colors, typefaces, sizes, and layout.
  • Having ready-to-use templates eliminates the need to spend time building or developing courses from the ground up. Simply choose the templates you need based on your learning objectives and reuse them!


Hopefully, you understand the value of Agile project management in education. It will not only help you organize your classroom activities, assignments, and projects but teach students to prepare themselves professionally as well. 

As a teacher, the responsibility of preparing students for the corporate world also falls on your shoulders. Certainly, it is not only to be taught in the lesson but practically performing actions to help them understand the future they will be managing. 

So, here is Teamingway giving away every chance to ensure the education sector has enough features to devise their work plan, courses, and managing classrooms and Templates is just a cherry on the top. 

Explore more, and you will find amazing features benefitting the education sector in a great way.