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How to Manage Projects with My Team of Freelancers?

A random question! What are we usually looking forward to in this shrinking economy? Content. Whether it is about the written content, graphics, or even data mining, everything on the internet is ultimately about the data. Now, when you run a company, you need multiple sources, and there is no guarantee to find them all in the same town and at affordable prices. 

This is when freelancers make the powerful team in your workspace. 

Currently, the world is progressing on the idea of “productivity anywhere.” No doubt that freelancers have become a huge demand for any organization. Therefore, this idea of productivity anywhere is followed by 63% of the firms around the world

Anyway, the challenge that arises from hiring a team of freelance is mainly about project management. 

So, how to manage your projects with your team of Freelancers?

Things to do to manage your projects with the team of Freelancers

So, whether to hire freelancers or not is already addressed, and we all know the answers. However, managing the team is the next challenge you need to recover. 

  • Hire carefully 

This is the first step, and before you jump right into managing teams or projects, you need to hire a team of freelancers carefully. Every industry has its perks, yet some pitfalls might give you a bad experience.

Before recruiting anyone, you should be very clear about the type of person you need, the kind of work they will be performing, and their competency, experience, and communication skills.

Even though they won’t be in your office, finding people you get along with and know you’ll love working with is important—possibly even more so because they won’t be in your office.

  • Get Organized 

Once you have a team all set to go for a project, you need to know that they need organized work. A little sneak peeks for you: Freelancers are messy! Most often, they have had multiple tabs open; therefore, if you provide unorganized information on the project, they are now lost.

So, if you want to get better output from the freelancers, use the best project management tool for freelancers and stay organized. Choose the tool that both of you can always get your hands on the GO. Have feature enriched tool with significant functions serving the purpose of your projects and keeping all the things aligned.

Project management tool

  • Be clear from the beginning 

Never waffle about your expectations. Be clear on it and discuss your concerns at the beginning, along with the doubts and conditions of your freelancer. Talk about the timeframes, deliverables of the project, revisions, and the details you will be providing about the project. This helps both of you keep the project in the right direction. Let them know which project management timeline software you prefer to track the time. 

Having a detailed discussion and team communication on these things will help you prepare in advance. This way, any potential freelancer will understand exactly what you need, and they will follow the timeline accordingly. They are more likely to complete your project as a result.

  • Discuss budget & payment schedule 

It’s also essential to immediately declare your budget. You should have your specific budget (or, at the very least, a project cost estimate) ready before approaching freelancers.

This allows you to assess someone’s affordability before speaking to them. The freelancer will also be aware of how well your budget corresponds with their prices. Some freelancers like to get paid by the project, some by hours, and others by month/week. Always ask about their preference and then plan your schedule accordingly. 

  • Always ask for feedback and provide it too

This is a significant part of your project management. Freelancers may not be with you full-time, but you must prioritize your time. You cannot just ping them anytime and ask for work.

Moreover, just like you love to give feedback on each project to work smoothly, they want to offer their input and not necessarily just about the project.

Feedback can be about anything, project, time, budget, or anything relevant to the management or something else. Try to be emphatic here and properly make them part of the team.

  • Be accessible

Projects may end after a specific duration, but everything counts as an experience. Apart from the money, they will carry away the experience of working with you.

Try to keep it as accessible as possible. Give them an easy way to approach you whenever a problem might affect the work somehow. Discuss and, if possible, try to be a little help there. Employees who feel heard and well-attended tend to be more loyal than your other contractors.

Understand their pain points, address them properly and ensure they know all the ways to reach you. 

  • Use project management software

Running a small business or even a large one with small teams of freelancers is never easy. But with a well-thought-out structure, it can be easier, more profitable, and incredibly satisfying.

Use a project management tool to get started. You can always handle deadlines, keep connected, and stay organized with its assistance. Adding freelancing project management tools to your routine is one of the huge steps.

They can help you with better efficiency and improved productivity. When every detail, including meetings and chats, falls in one place, it makes your work more manageable. 

Wrap Up 

You have to work on the policies, but you also have to take care of the resources. In this case, project collaboration tools come in handy when you have a team of freelancers to manage your projects.

To help you around with your work organization with a team of freelancers, TeamingWay has proved itself to be one of the best communication tools for teams. It is not just a tool to organize tasks but also works as a project management timeline tool.

So, get it, use it per your needs and manage your projects with the freelancing team like a pro.