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How to Build a Collaborative Classroom with TeamingWay

Education is no longer bound in the four walls as you have various collaborative learning apps. You don’t have to walk or drive to the school, not as a teacher and surely not as a student. You can simply open your computer/laptop, and BOOM, there is your collaborative classroom. We have gone remote quickly after the pandemic of COVID-19. 

Before the start of COVID-19, investments in education technology were rising, reaching USD 18.7 billion last year and forecast to reach 350 billion by 2025. It’s debatable whether e-learning is the way of the future in education. But it is getting quite real right now.

Why is Collaborative Learning Important?

Collaborative learning is part of what is known as a thinking curriculum. In layman’s terms, this implies it teaches students how to learn on their own and critically evaluate subjects at a high level. The absence of spoon-feeding knowledge and the inclusion of debate and discussion allow youngsters to dig deeper into topics and see how they relate to other areas.

Most vocations require the capacity to evaluate and comprehend information at a high level, and it is also a necessary talent for navigating the digital world and popular media.

The technology and online collaboration tool for teachers made it quite easy. However, many instructors and tutors are still struggling to make their classrooms more collaborative. 

In a physical classroom, it is easy as students have the liberty to discuss and solve problems in person while also having a little fun. Online, this is not so easy, and often it gets messy too. So, here is your very own TeamingWay. It is all about making it easier for both teachers and students. 

Let’s see how TeamingWay is making classroom collaboration more effective and productive!

Ways TeamingWay is Helping You Build a Collaborative Classroom:

TeamingWay is a great collaboration tool for education and learning. It helps teachers plan the class goals, track student progress, and help them achieve their aims efficiently. It allows users to organize their work, manage their assignments, complete activities together by collaborating, and a lot more. Let’s see which features of TeamingWay can be quite useful for you to have an effective classroom session. 

·         Audio and Video Conferencing:

It’s simple to get the sense of working together with audio and video conferencing. It may be a virtual meeting, but collaboration is simple. 

Teachers can finish their lectures, students can contribute, and the session can be made fascinating and enjoyable in any way feasible. If they have prepared presentations for a certain topic, they can also share screens. 

Furthermore, you can share files to create a clearer picture of any relevant assignment. In other words, it can be set up in the same way as a physical classroom. 

Attendance, participation, discussion of the daily topic, and group study can all be made easy with a simple audio or video classroom session.

·         Chats:

Teachers may need to send a text to an individual. Yes, just like to talk to a single student in class who might need little extra attention to focus on the work. Chats allow you to send the texts through the chats. It is a way you can make your students feel heard and understood. 

If they need to have a quick discussion, the chat feature from your favorite collaboration tool for education development comes in handy. After all, it’s a teacher’s job to avoid leaving their students confused and full of doubts or questions. Answer them so they can have a better focus on their upcoming assignments. 

·         File Sharing:

Students can submit their tasks easily through the file-sharing feature. TeamingWay allows you to attach any kind of images, files, docs, pdf, or videos. 

Teachers can share the data with students, such as books, tasks, detailed documents, and students can further share their relevant documents with the instructor. 

Build a Collaborative Classroom with TeamingWay

·         Set Common Goals:

Missing the classroom planner? Well, you don’t have to miss it anymore if you use TeamingWay. Goals allow you to set the plans, assign tasks, and set the right deadlines with the ultimate goal of the day, week, or month. 

If you wish, you also plan the whole year and let your students be aware of the topics they are going to learn during their sessions. Students knowing in advance can always prepare beforehand, and you can make your lecture more collaborative as ideas are in almost everyone’s mind. 

·         Assign the Tasks or Assignments:

Assign specific responsibilities to the students inside the group. This will initially assist them in determining how or what their role is within the group dynamic. Later, you can discuss those assignments.

·         Track the Progress of Students:

While you set the goals, you can also track the progress of each student. When everything is easy to organize and manage, you can always check the progress. 

Besides, it gives more liberation to the teachers for providing feedback on time. If they need it, they can provide a group grade or individual feedback. They can also manage reports and sheets.

·         Record the Sessions:

Students and teachers can also record their class sessions. Isn’t it better? You can never rewind the classrooms from the schools, but one can always revisit the online sessions. 

If any student has missed the class or needs to go back to learn something they learned during the session, they can always go back. 


As you can see, TeamingWay is an amazing collaboration tool for education programs. It can make online learning smooth, fun, and manageable for both students and teachers. 

Communicate your expectations with your students; make it easy for them to access you for feedback and help. Make sure the students understand how you will evaluate their progress. So, they know what they are working for. 

It will keep them from getting off track. So, if you want to make your class sessions collaborative, invest in the best digital collaboration tool for students and teachers now. TeamingWay is ready to help in any way possible.