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How Great Communication can Impact an Accounting Client or Business?

Any business with the need for interaction with employees and external parties like vendors or clients needs effective communication. Excellent communication skills are required both here and elsewhere; because accounting is such a vital part of any business.

Budgeting and reporting, bill paying, payroll, and income recording are critical financial tasks that must be presented to management and others clearly and understandably.

If we see the statistics, 86% of employees and executives blame workplace failures on a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication.”


Why is Communication a Significant Skill for an Accountant?

To be a successful accountant, you’ll need a combination of hard and soft skills to blend perfectly into accounting business ethics. They include excellent organization and attention to detail, as well as mathematical mastery. But, in accounting, how important is communication?

When it comes to managing an accounting firm, more skills are required that the average accountant or auditor may not be aware of.

Communication is one of the most important of these soft skills, as it can make the difference between respectful client relationships and a series of misunderstandings.

That’s why it’s concerning when many accountants overlook the need of introducing the best communication channel in the workplace

Types of Communication for Accountants

  • Interpersonal:

Accountants should be able to communicate with coworkers from various departments within the company about a variety of business issues. They should also be able to collaborate with others in groups.

  • Written: 

Accountants should be capable of preparing and reporting on a variety of written materials. Such documents include financial reports, strategic plans, proposals, and memos, to name a few. If they are poorly written, they may lack clarity and reflect poorly on an accountant’s credibility.

  • Verbal: 

Accountants must be able to present complex data and statistics clearly and understandably to the general public. This necessitates not only good communication skills but also an understanding of the target audience and what they require. Good communicators can deliver their message confidently and leave a positive impact if delivered after some preparation.

How Technology will Affect the Future of Accounting?

A report format is the best way to communicate any accounting information. Accounting reports are based on a specific period or set of dates. It’s uncommon to see an accounting report consisting solely of numbers with no dates or explanations. Now, handling all of the reports manually can be daunting. Besides sharing the information with other accountants and executives manually can also end up in some kind of misunderstanding. Therefore, a Project management tool for accounting can make it easy. 

Accounting is no longer what it once was. And if you’re gaining new clients and expanding quickly (congratulations!), it can make things even more difficult—how will you handle the influx of new clients? More clients equals more money, but they also equal more demands.

Let’s see how a Collaboration tool for accounting firms is effective for communication and how it is changing the future. 

. Automated Accounting Tasks

Audits, tax preparation, banking, and payroll are just a few examples of time-consuming accounting tasks that are increasingly being automated. As AI is used to create self-learning systems, technological systems will take over the repetitive and time-consuming tasks, leaving humans to handle other managerial tasks.

. Leverage App Integrations

When different pieces of software are connected, data can flow seamlessly from one to the next, allowing for more automated workflows. You can integrate emails to automate email tasks if you use TeamingWay as your collaboration tool.

. Use Predictive Technology

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are improving their ability to predict the future in accounting. It allows you to see and analyze things more clearly. With Teamingway, you can arrange your targets, goals and manage data accordingly. Once you have all of the data sorted, you can easily predict the future of your accounts and know the direction of your investments. 

. Manage reports through automation

If you have monthly, yearly, and weekly reports to send, the recur tasks option gives you an easy way. You can set one template for these reports, change them according to the requirements and always automate the reports easily. It saves a lot of time and helps you in managing your burden. 

. Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology that uses cryptocurrency within a user-to-user network; is another trend that will change accounting in the future. While bitcoin was instrumental in popularizing blockchain, the technology has come a long way since then. So, you can expect to include it in the businesses too. Therefore, the use of technology and automated software, including mobile apps and cloud collaboration tools are significant additions for our firm.

Nearly 83% of professionals rely on technology to collaborate, according to an Alfresco survey of more than 753 business professionals. 82% of the participants said they would be impacted if the collaboration technology was lost.

Alfresco Survey

How is TeamingWay Changing the Lives of Accounting Firms?

TeamingWay is the ultimate solution for better communication. It is the Project management tool for business that can help you organize your tasks amazingly and ensure that you have all the accounting processes under control. The goals, tasks management, custom statuses, stream, channels, and a lot more features give managers and teammates an easy way to collaborate. 

Moreover, it is cloud-based software; your accountants can access any information anytime from anywhere. You can also save the documents for later use and share any information with the team members by setting up the right privacy settings.

In short, you can serve your clients better by using Teamingway as your collaboration tool for accounting because you can keep their information confidential and manage the workflow efficiently. 

Bottom Line 

The bottom line is great communication, and on top of that, the right collaboration tool for accounting growth can completely change the way you manage your accounting firm.

Therefore, invest in the right tool and ensure that your accountants are trained for the new workplace dynamics. Now, to get the Teamingway details, reach out to us!