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How a Project Management Platform simplifies workplace communication

Good Morning to You! You’ve just woken up, and the first thing you reach out for is your phone, which has a plethora of notifications on your phone. Several emails, voicemails, missed calls, and chat app notifications await your reply. 90% of these notifications are work-related and not sweet good-day greetings. Your head buzzes already, and your day hasn’t even begun!

After seeing all these notifications, you forget about going for your jog or having a cup of coffee with a book you’re trying to finish. These notifications are all high-priority, and now that you’ve seen them, you won’t be able to go without attending to them.

Now you’ve replied to emails, notified your team members through messages, called the ones that didn’t acknowledge your message, set a reminder on your calendar of all the things you have to do today, and all of this took 90 minutes of your time. Time to get dressed and go to work.

As you compulsively immerse yourself in work after the work you did at home, you’re wondering if this could be simpler. You wish you didn’t have to hop from application to application to put things in place.

Work life does not have to be this hectic or sad!

How do workplace communication platforms affect work?

Loss of time

You lose track of your time sending and receiving calls and messages. Emails are as time-consuming as they are necessary. After all, emails are still the most formal and professional form of communication.

loss of productivity and enthusiasm

Perpetual use of communication apps prove to be a major distraction, eventually compromising productivity and enthusiasm in the actual deliverables. If there aren’t message notifications, then there are calls. If there are not calls, then there are emails.

Everyone wants you to reply,

Everyone is expecting you to deliver on time

Every client wants you to produce quality work. How do you do it?

There is little to no focus.

It’s near impossible to bring yourself to focus and stay focused on work when the communication apps demand your attention every 5 minutes. Even if you deliver on time, it’s possible the work would be of questionable quality.

Ouch! All of the above sounds terrible, but don’t fret!

The good news is, thanks to project management platforms, and their integration feature that connects all major communication platforms simplify work-life responsibilities and lets you have a steady morning routine (for starters)

How does a project management platform simplify workplace communication?

A project management platform, as the name suggests, aids in the effective management of the daily operations of an organization. Streamlining workflow, providing an overview of individual and team responsibilities and progress, and simplifying communication by bringing all the major communication platforms onboard like email software, messaging applications, real-time calling, and chatting features, and video conferencing are some of the features. With a project-management and communication platform like TeamingWay, All the work-related communication and updates are exchanged on a single platform, without having to go from one application to another.

You claim back your personal time.

With timely and effective communication, you have all the time outside working hours for yourself.

You can keep work and life separate.

Once you log off for the day, you don’t have to worry about work-related notifications.

If they are peeking at you through your phone’s screen, waiting to be read and replied to, they can wait till first thing tomorrow morning.

Your privacy remains uninvaded.

Phone numbers and chatting apps are personal; sometimes, you don’t want to let work invade your personal space. With TeamingWay, you can call and message teammates and clients without giving away your personal number. So not only work-related communication has become time-bound, but also meaningful and professional.

Top-notch work quality

When you are not worrying about a ringing phone, it is a no-brainer that you will deliver work with utmost dedication.

You deliver on time

The work will probably finish in due time when the communication is effective and to the point. With TeamingWay, internal workplace communication and contacting clients has become a breeze. A few clicks and meetings are scheduled, memos are sent, files are shared, and reminders are set.

In a nutshell

TeamingWay is a project management, collaboration, communications, and file-sharing platform that take care of all of the day-to-day digital operations and helps orchestrate workflow across the organization. The platform holds many amazing features, including but not limited to HD video conferencing with unlimited participants, file sharing and backing up on cloud storage. The real-time message and chats, assigning tasks, and setting goals are other cool specifications.

Request a demo today to unravel TeamingWay’s potential to its fullest.