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4 Elements of PM Software Creative Agencies Need

Working as a digital agency, the most significant job for managers is to be organized while keeping clients in the loop for all the details. If your agency lacks any scalable processes, it will always welcome more chaos than profit. 

Do you want to face missed deadlines, confusion, and breakdowns? If NO then you must start looking for a project management software that helps you organize the uninvited chaos.

When looking for the best software for your team, think about which features you’ll need to efficiently manage your projects. Examine the must-have features of project management software to ensure you don’t forget anything important when shopping for new software.

Benefits of PM software for creative agencies

According to the Agency Management Institute and Function Point’s 2018 Agency Production Report, poor communication was the “biggest hindrance to agency productivity” for 68.8% of respondents. On the other hand, 64.5 percent of those who used management software observed an “improvement in their capacity to achieve deadlines.”

The fundamental goal of project management software is to aid project managers as they progress through various stages of a project. Full-suite platforms offer significant benefits in this regard. You can manage projects from bid to invoice by combining project planning, resource management, team collaboration, finance and billing, time tracking, and reporting.

  • Planning a project is a breeze.
  • Resource management is balanced.
  • Forecasting of pipelines.
  • Collaboration within the team improves.
  • Project budget management in real-time.
  • Up-to-date reporting.
  • Efficient Customer satisfaction.

So, if you want to boost your company’s productivity and ensure that teamwork is strong and projects are delivered on time, invest in the best project management software. And, while you’re doing it, check sure the software includes features that will help you work more efficiently as a creative agency.

4 Elements to consider in a Project Management

As for the creative agencies, there are a lot of important features needed. However, the most significant 4 elements are:

. Client onboarding and research

This is the first step of the creative process of any agency. With the right tool implementation, many organizations begin with an exploration phase to get things started. A few meetings between the customer and the agency are part of this process.

You’ll need to describe what’s already in place in terms of their website and marketing, as well as their future aims and goals, as well as the major issues that will need to be resolved during the project on which the agency will be working. All of it is available to both team and clients through the dashboard of software.

Agencies can conduct more in-depth research on the client’s website, marketing strategy, and social media during a thorough audit now that the client’s side of the project has been scoped out. With this knowledge, the firm can develop a robust online strategy and provide clear KPIs (key performance indicators) for the project through the tool, on which the customer must agree.

. Planning and scheduling

When leading a team, it is critical to have everyone’s jobs and responsibilities clearly defined and visible. Avoiding misunderstandings and determining who should be delegated additional responsibilities.

With the best online PM software, you can assign tasks to team members as well as set priorities and deadlines. When you add due dates to tasks, you’ll receive a notification whenever the due date approaches and the activity isn’t completed.

You’ll need a tool to outline all of your upcoming activities. And also to assign responsibilities to team members if you’re managing a project team.

The inclusion of task management functions is practically universal among web-based job planning software, thus selecting one is not difficult. However, don’t overlook it when looking for new PM software because it’s critical to effective teamwork.

The planner feature, which details all of your scheduled project tasks and makes scheduling additional activities relatively easy, is a terrific tool for teamwork.

. Cross Software Integration

If you work at a creative agency, you almost certainly do a variety of things. For the job that needs to be done, your team uses a variety of programs. If you provide bespoke web design, for example, you’ll employ web design, development, digital marketing, and social networking applications. If you want to keep track of your project’s progress, you’ll need cross software integration with your project management application. You need a complete perspective of the project and the relevant application in one location to expedite the workflow and track the project’s development. That is why it is critical to have a tool that allows you to effortlessly combine other software with it.

. Customizable reports

Reporting capabilities are included in the top project management software. And they aggregate previously entered project data and allow you to create personalized reports.

You can get information on your project budget, expenses, completed tasks, and the performance of your team members, for example. You can build new reports at any time and choose the parameters and information categories you’d like to put on the graph or chart. It is because you’ve already accumulated a vast data collection in your PM tool.

Reports provide a fast snapshot of how the project is progressing, as well as highlighting the top-performing project teams. You can take instant action if you notice a poor trend on your graphs.

It’s much easier to solve a problem if you know what’s causing it. You can figure out what’s wrong by analyzing various reports and talking to your coworkers.

How should creative agencies choose PM software?

Because implementing new software involves time and money, it’s important looking into the best option for your company. But, with so many PM-products on the market, how can you pick the ideal one for your agency to maximize its revenue potential?

The following are the three steps of evaluating and selecting software:

  • What are your users’ requirements, and how might software assist them? Assemble feedback from all employees involved in project delivery.
  • Consider what your software solution “Must,” “Should,” “Could,” and “Won’t” provide.
  • Shortlisting is based on variables including functionality, usability, scalability, storage, and whether it’s off-the-shelf or custom-made for your company.

Bottom Line:

Project management software for creative companies can result in considerable benefits, such as more projects performed on time and budget, as well as a better brand reputation among clients and employees.

However, with so many options on the market, finding software that is tailored to your agency’s needs is critical to maximizing ROI and reaping the benefits of these powerful platforms. Let’s discuss your requirements with TeamingWay and you can have all the features you need for your agency. TeamingWay is an online PM software to manage your teams, projects and unlimited departments under one platform. Forget about using so many third-party applications for communication as TeamingWay is the place where you can communicate with your employees, customers, teams, departmental heads and project managers by creating channels and streams. So, let’s collaborate, meet and manage teamwork.