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Project Management Software: The 2022 tool for Freelancers

The usual workday of a freelancer is rather varied. Freelancers are frequently juggling many projects while negotiating new contracts with new clients. Furthermore, a former client may contact you to evaluate and expand work on a project you previously completed for him. You must also meet deadlines for invoices and compete for new projects.

What is Project Management?

Every ambitious entrepreneur creates high hopes and satisfying achievements while launching a project. It’s a genuine struggle to watch the project develop from beginning to end. Successful project management is becoming more of a requirement than a status symbol. It is quickly establishing itself as a critical pillar of support and strength in order to complete the task at hand. People conceive of project management software as a way of managing the work required to complete a project within the timeframes defined in order to reach the intended output.

There’s no doubting that a lot of projects are being juggled at the moment. And they’re all at different stages of completion. As a result, an increasing number of freelancers are using project management software to handle their projects.

Is Project Management Software That Important?

Rather than working harder, work smarter.

Yes, freelance project management software can help you keep track of everything you need to run your business in one place. Knowing your business inside and out allows you to run it more efficiently, giving you more time to create your best work, whether for a client or for your own company.

Project management software can assist you in running a successful freelance business. You can concentrate on the things that matter most, such as remaining organized and efficient, meeting deadlines, and delivering high-quality work to your clients, with the correct tools in place.

Benefits of Project Management Tools for Freelancers

. Create Projects Easily

In the world of freelancing, time is an important commodity. The best project management software is designed to meet a wide range of user needs.

Its user-friendly interface allows users to create projects from the ground up in minutes. And even for the most complicated projects with multiple tasks and task dependencies. You’ll also get access to project templates that you may modify to suit your needs.

The projects will then appear on the projects page. With a single glance, you’ll be able to see how much time you’ve spent on a project, as well as its current state and progress.

. Your Clients will Appreciate Instant Reports

Clients come in a variety of sizes and forms. Some people are unconcerned, while others seek regular updates on the project’s progress. Writing and distributing these reports by email takes a substantial amount of time out of your workday. As a freelancer, you’ll need a tool that allows you to produce and send reports rapidly.

Fortunately, you can delegate this duty to project management software that is both simple and effective. The ability to “Generate a Report” is really useful. It generates a detailed report with a summary of the status of the selected project.

Your client will be happy since he will be able to see all of the jobs and their due dates. Gantt charts, which are detailed diagrams that indicate all of the tasks and deadlines, can be created by some of the better project management software systems.

. Streamlined Workflows

So, if you’ve ever had to go through a lengthy process, you know how beneficial streamlined workflows can be. Not only will building good processes save you time, allow you to work more efficiently, and reduce superfluous effort, but it will also make you appear remarkable to your clients.

. Bill Clients Accurately and On Time

As a freelancer, you must be careful in delivering invoices as soon as the job is completed in order to receive compensation on time. You can specify a billable amount for each project independently with PM software.

A PM software’s built-in time tracking tools will show you how many hours were spent on a specific project. The software is simple to use and rapidly calculates the final amount based on the billable amount, as well as provides an exact invoice that can be shared electronically.

How to Organize Your Freelance Projects with TeamingWay

TeamingWay makes managing and organizing your freelance work and clients a breeze.

It’s as simple as making projects for each customer or job you take on, then assigning tasks and deadlines to stay on track. These additional capabilities can help you level up your freelance business once you have those basic blocks:

  • Set up projects utilizing best practices and client project templates. This pre-built professional services template helps you to plan projects from start to finish using an interactive timeline to outline tasks.
  • Integrate the tools you already have. Because TeamingWay is integrated with various tools, you won’t have to abandon the programs you already use. Instead, you may use Wrike to combine your favorite tools and increase your productivity.
  • For each project, keep track of and manage your time. Increase your insight into how you use your time so you can improve forecasts, convey remaining hours to clients, and connect your tracked time to financial systems for easier invoicing.
  • Organize all of your tasks in one location. This list will include all tasks and subtasks that have been assigned to you as well as tasks that you have added manually. It’s the ideal location to jot down those fleeting noon thoughts like forgetting to answer to an email or needing to complete a deliverable by the end of the week.

Bottom Line

Finally, because all of the tracking and managing is done automatically, adopting a project management solution like TeamingWay will allow you to spend more time on your task. You may check on the status of a project at any time. And because these tools are mobile-friendly, you can do so while on the road.

These are the key reasons why freelancers find project management solutions so appealing. As you can see, the usage of these technologies streamlines the entire work process. Also, the ability to generate reports and invoices on demand is also a fantastic feature that will help you to focus on more vital chores. Get your work organized with TeamingWay today and never stress about missing any deadlines.