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How to Use TeamingWay for
Students & Teachers

Students and teachers alike organize academics in TeamingWay, from preschool to PhD!

The TeamingWay team spoke with Hassan Rouf, President of IBA students’ association to learn more about the business and discuss how TeamingWay can help his team to be more productive.

How to Use TeamingWay for Students & Teachers
  1. What niche has been filled by your company and how does the IBA Student’s association add value to its students?

    Hassan: The Innovative Business Association of Mississauga represents the department of management and commerce as well as all business students at the University of Toronto. We provide students with membership to events, merchandising, speakers, networking with companies, job offers, and vital experience in the workplace.

  2. What is your role at IBA Student’s association and how do you primarily use TeamingWay?

    Hassan: My role is leading the entire IBA as the president of this student association. I use TeamingWay primarily for group discussions with my presidential board and executive team, setting goals for them and communicating with them as well as the entire team on a day-to-day basis

  3. What does your day-to-day look like? And how does TeamingWay help you in your daily activities?

    Hassan: We talk to members on the stream chat then go into our private group chats to update other executive members which is followed by communication in discussion groups as well for certain matters. Goals, tasks, and the calendar are updated on a weekly basis. The note taking and video meeting applications have not been as much but will be integrated soon.as much “how to” information. Instead, focus on the results.

  4. What system was in place before coming to TeamingWay, and what was taking the most time away from your productivity?

    Hassan: Slack and WhatsApp were our main communication platforms but they were used together which lost us some productivity when moving back and forth. When notifications for TeamingWay are working, it solves this productivity issue because we can communicate on one continuous platform.

  5. How does TeamingWay help accomplish your goals?

    Hassan: For me, the goal setting feature allows me to keep track of all the tasks I set for my team and to see the progress from week-to-week. I can also add new tasks and follow the progress of those as well.

  6. What features from TeamingWay have proven to be the most helpful?

    Hassan: Goal and task setting for sure.

  7. Were there any high-level initiatives or goals that prompted the decision to look at TeamingWay?

    Hassan: I loved the integration of video conferences, goal setting, discussion chats and note taking. The calendar has also been helpful. Most of all, TeamingWay was a recommendation from a friend.

  8. How was the process of onboarding your team into TeamingWay?

    Hassan: It was easy for the most part. Inviting users to TeamingWay is extremely simple.