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Freelance Work Management with Teamingway

Are you an organization that outsources work to freelancers often?

Are you a creator or a business that outsources work to freelancers on a daily basis?

As you get more freelancers and remote workers on board, freelance work management becomes imperative. You may realize the existing onboarding, invoicing, and outsourcing processes seem outdated or relevant to only on-ground business operations. While on-ground businesses are moving towards digitization, assigning work to freelancers, keeping up with deadlines, and maintaining discipline is a struggle. Government and bank regulations are other factors to keep in mind.

Although remote jobs have proven effective on many levels, thanks to the covid life alterations, managing a growing freelance or remote workforce can be challenging. Owing to the challenges, many companies choose to normalize working with a Project Management Solution (PMS). Using a PMS such as TeamingWay can streamline the hiring and management of independent contractors, helping your organization overcome many of the problems associated with scaling your freelance talent base.
Let’s look at how a Project Management Solution works, the prime benefits of using a PMS when working with a freelance team, and how TeamingWay could be the best tool for freelance project management.


Managing Work as a freelancers with TeamingWay

What is a Project Management System (PMS)?

A Project Management System (PMS) is a cloud-based solution that enables companies to manage their freelance workforce seamlessly and efficiently.  It is an all-in-one platform that takes care of everything from onboarding to project management, invoicing, payment, communication, and more. Using a flexible, customizable PMS like TeamingWay enables various areas and teams to handle everything from hiring talent and assigning projects to payment.

Working with a robust Project management solution means you can easily:

  • Assign projects
  • Divide your time without overburdening yourself
  • Keep track of the progress
  • Keep an eye on the deadline
  • Arrange tasks in order of priority
  • Manage every freelance project from start to finish
  • Pay freelancers
  • Send payment reminders
  • Send files and back them up for future
  • Add new people and remove people who no longer work with you without affecting the project or files
  • Keep compliant
  • Integrate with apps you already use
  • And these features are to name a few.

Project Management Systems, such as Monday or Teamingway are designed to be customized to your company’s specific needs – whether you’re working with 10 freelancers or 10,000.  TeamingWay is designed to be incredibly user-friendly, even for the less tech-savvy people in your team. The platform is great for freelance work management.  As you get started, TeamingWay helps you get acquainted with their platform, adapt it for how you work, and integrate it with the tools you already use. This ensures rapid user adaptability of the new PMS technology across your freelance workforce.