Significance of Collaboration among Freelancers for Your Agency

Collaboration and freelancing don’t seem to resonate together. It is about time that we should change this notion. Your agency may have reservations about hiring freelancers in the past, but it is no longer working. So, the change of heart, probably you now have an amazing team of talented freelancers working on projects by collaborating […]

The Fundamentals of Successful Freelancer’s Collaboration

Working alone from your home’s comfort is great, but there will be times when you will need to team up with other freelancers on projects where different collaboration skill sets are needed. Collaborating with other freelancers, employees, and clients helps you discover channels for mutual help, build valuable relations, and free up time for yourself. […]

Why Are Collaboration Tools Best For Project Managers?

Project management

Teamwork is a vital part of workers’ day-to-day lives for most businesses with collaboration Tools.  Nevertheless, communication between many people within the same team can sometimes look difficult.  Thereby, project collaboration tools have been designed for the business industry.  They allow project managers and teams to be more innovative, productive, and effective in their routine […]

Teamingway – All in one tool for Freelancing Collaboration

64% of professionals at the top of their industry are increasingly choosing to work independently. Therefore, it would be safe to say that freelancers now share most of the business industry. So, why are people switching from office jobs to freelancing? The majority of individuals nowadays seek flexibility. Furthermore, working under others’ orders is not […]

8 Must-Have Features of Collaboration Tool – For Effective Online Classrooms

Yes, education is not the same as it used to be in previous years, but that doesn’t mean that classrooms now lack the ingredients for good interactive sessions. Collaboration among teachers and students has always been a necessary part of the class.  In physical classrooms, it is quite easy to introduce collaborative learning. However, with […]

Top 8 Collaboration Tools for Students and Teachers

Do you think the digital age is changing everything? Well, if you are nodding in yes, you are right. We are now more dependent on technology and probably going paperless.  So, while every industry has shifted its focus on implementing better and improved systems, education is also moving towards better collaboration tools for education development. […]

How to Build a Collaborative Classroom with TeamingWay

Education is no longer bound in the four walls as you have various collaborative learning apps. You don’t have to walk or drive to the school, not as a teacher and surely not as a student. You can simply open your computer/laptop, and BOOM, there is your collaborative classroom. We have gone remote quickly after the […]

Collaboration Techniques for the Modern Accounting Firm

There is no other point of view when it comes to collaborative accounting. You can see that many firms are promoting, talking, and even implementing collaborative accounting, lately. They believe that customers’ expectations have shifted. And to meet the demands of the market, they need to advance either accounting techniques too. All it starts with […]

How can a Collaboration Tool Benefit the Accounting Department?

Isn’t it easy to manage accounts when you have all the reports, graphs, and information on the employees just right in front of your eyes?  Accessing real-time information and keeping track of all the accounts can be a great help for account managers. And keeping the organization safe from any unfortunate incident.  As accounting technology […]

Why Collaboration is Significant to a Successful Real Estate Transaction

Real Estate is the business of people, and it flourishes due to strong relationships. Besides, today’s relationships make better teams, best clients, and they together keep your business operations smooth. So, collaboration is the most significant part of the real estate business, especially for the aspects of transactions. What is a Real Estate Transaction? A […]