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A Sustainable hybrid work culture and How TeamingWay helps you to build A Sustainable hybrid work

How TeamingWay helps build a Sustainable hybrid work culture

Surveys upon surveys have proven to us the many virtues of remote and hybrid work culture. It’s a boon to business and productivity. Hybrid work has become the source of earning primary or passive income for the masses while reducing travel and operating costs. It won’t be surprising if it is the future of the corporate world (if the robots don’t replace us, that is!)

However, remote and hybrid working models are often not taken seriously. It is perceived as if the worker is “out of sight”, then they are “out of mind”, even if they put extra hours into work while working away from the workspace. Often, their paychecks reflect this inexplicable bias, making it the biggest struggle of off-site work.

Admittedly, technological advancements have not been able to diminish the power of in-person communication; companies can normalize the off-site working culture by being more inclusive and open to growing a remote team.

Whether you have grown a fully remote team, are flexible about hybrid working, have a workspace with an off-site team or newly adapting this culture in your organization, here’s how to build a great, sustainable work culture.

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1.      What’s “company culture” for you?

Before you jump on the hybrid work culture bandwagon, the organization’s decision-makers must answer this question:

“What is our company culture?”.

Ideally, your team will retain the culture and add to it for the better, but it is up to the upper-level authorities to lay the cultural foundation, the values, and the promise you make to your employees and clients.

2.      Be mindful of the company culture.

Every employee must go through the same hiring standards, whether on-site or off-site. Treating the team equally from different walks of life brings creative viewpoints to the table.

Secondly, giving orientation and on-the-job training should not be different or deprived for off-site workers. Introducing new remote hires to the rest of the organization, making tools and resources available, and following other steps of traditional hiring would promote a healthy hybrid working culture.

3.      Communicate across a variety of tools, apps, and media

The more communication a team has among itself, the better. Luckily, digital businesses have various alternative collaboration and communication tools for business that make workflow more straightforward than ever.

Each business may have its ways of keeping the entire team together. Ideally, the focus should be on these areas.


Text communication is a subtle but effective form for instances like reminders, asking for progress, and making quick changes. Keeping in touch through platforms like TeamingWay can help teams match the pace of work without having to discuss the details over calls. Texting is an excellent way of checking in, not just for work but outside work.

Aside from being an effective medium of communication for work, Chatting allows people to share their interests and things they like. For example, if a team connects over football, workers can exchange friendly messages about who won. It helps a group of diverse people bond and understands each other better.

Decision makers must encourage remote workers to let their personalities shine through these trivial but effective communications. Having fun, using gifs and emojis to show support and excitement- allowing them to be their authentic self, brings out their best performance.


With the modern-day work dynamic, all that matters for an organization is getting tasks done however employees do. To ease the ordeal, an array of collaboration tools are available to help everyone stay on top of their work. TeamingWay is a project management and communication platform that facilitates working together, assigning tasks, monitoring progress, and achieving goals together.

Collaboration tools have become an integral support system for companies because they bring transparency and accountability without the leaders having to micromanage. Each team member has autonomy, which ultimately leads to employee satisfaction.

Video Meet-ups

Texts and real-time chat options are preferable, but periodic video meetings are great to assess the status of work, address queries upfront and have a personalized conversation about their life. Video check-ins give a feel of being valued, heard, and monitored.

TeamingWay- Best Tool For Collaboration and Communication

TeamingWay is a holistic platform for businesses that facilitates remote communications through different mediums, team collaboration, and file management. It brings the entire workflow onto a single platform which has proven to be a great way to assess team performance for managers and decision-makers.